Tempered glass cases have a certain charm to them. It’s not only that they allow us to gracefully display our build, but the glass itself reflects elegance and beauty. 

The only problem is that lots of manufacturers focus so much on making their cases beautiful that they end up sacrificing other important features in the process. Thus, finding a great option can be a bit of a pain. 

So, if you need a tempered glass case that’s not just beautiful, but also powerful, take a look at our top 5 picks!

1: dark Flash Phantom

Best RGB option out of the box

For those of you who love RGB, this is one of the best tempered glass PC cases that you can get! It comes with 6 RGB fans pre-installed and that makes it a great option for those who want an RGB-ready case out of the box. 

Most people will agree that 6 fans are more than enough to cool a computer. Still, the Phantom offers additional room for up to 5 extra fans, which makes up for a total of 11 fans in one case. 

With enough clearance to fit a 240mm radiator on the front, 174mm for CPU coolers, and 359 for GPUs, there is enough room in there to fit anything you want.

Storage freaks will also be glad to know that there are 7 drive slots available – which is probably more than the average user will ever need. 

As for the glass panel, while most cases only offer one on the left side, the Phantom is covered with tempered glass on both sides and the front. 

There is no doubt that it looks beautiful. But, good luck trying to keep it clean. 


  • Tempered glass on both sides and the front
  • RGB-ready out of the box
  • 6 fans pre-installed
  • Plenty of room for every component
  • Full of drive slots


  • Keeping it clean is a bit of a challenge
  • Mediocre cable management for its size

2: NZXT H500i

Best compact tempered glass PC case

Creating a list that includes the best cases without mentioning NZXT is almost impossible. Their creations are very well made while taking into account all of our needs and the 500i is not an exception. 

It’s reasonably shorter than the dark Flash Phantom while still offering support for ATX motherboards and enough clearance to fit a radiator of up to 280mm. That’s a win in our book. 

Due to its smaller height, it can only fit 4 fans. But, having a set of 2 fans for intake and 2 more for outtake is generally adequate for effective cooling. 

Speaking of size, while it’s indeed shorter than the dark Flash Phantom, it’s also a bit wider. That extra room goes towards the right-side panel which gives us more space for cable management. Nice. 

The overall support for upgradeability is also great since we’ve got enough clearance for CPU coolers of up to 165mm and GPUs that are up to 381mm. There’s nothing that won’t fit in there. 

Overall, it’s a great ATX case at a slightly more compact size.


  • Great size
  • Radiator support for up to 280mm
  • Plenty of room for powerful coolers and GPUs
  • Lots of drive slots


  • Only enough room for 4 fans

3: Lian Li O11

Best tempered glass PC case for modularity

Are you the type that feels frustrated with the fact that most manufacturers limit us to a single radiator that can be placed either on the top or in the front? Then chances are that you’re going to love the Lian Li O11!

This case allows us to install a 360mm radiator not in one, not in two, but in three places! We’ve got the option of placing it on the bottom, top, or to the right. 

Even by looking at the pictures, you can probably tell that it’s rather huge. Thanks to that, one of the biggest advantages that it offers, apart from modularity, is quite possibly the best cable management that we’ve ever seen!

The whole right side is dedicated to hosting the PSU, its cables, 3 fans or a 360mm radiator, and 4 drives (2 more spots for SSDs at the bottom). Overall, this is suitable for making a monster build that’s heavily based around water cooling. 

Our only complaint is the 155mm clearance which doesn’t allow for the installation of a bulky CPU cooler. But, then again, it makes sense that they wouldn’t focus on that since the whole case is basically made with liquid cooling in mind. 


  • Delivers a ton of options on how to build the PC
  • Lots of drive slots
  • Endless options for cooling and liquid cooling
  • Superb cable management
  • E-ATX support


  • Big
  • No support for 165mm CPU coolers

4: Corsair Crystal 680X

Listen to the sound of silence

The Crystal 680X was never really made to be a super silent case, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very quiet while still offering great cooling and airflow. 

Just like the Lian Li, it is rather big. But, thanks to that, you get the dual-chamber design which makes for superb cable management. 

The side panel which opens like a door is a welcome addition while the vertical GPU mount is absolutely fantastic for creating a beautiful build. 

As for features, with 7 drive bays, a CPU cooler clearance of 180mm, and a GPU clearance of 330mm, pretty much everything will fit in there. 

Water cooling is also a given at this size. But, unlike the Lian Li O11, the top and bottom offer only 280mm of clearance. So, if you absolutely need a 360mm radiator that’s not mounted in the front, do keep that in mind.


  • Superb cooling
  • Amazing cable management
  • Very quiet
  • Tons of support for drives
  • E-ATX support
  • Vertical GPU mount


  • Large
  • Big vents are a bit ugly for some people (But they increase airflow)

5: Thermaltake View 71

Best transparent PC case for full-tower enthusiasts

Full towers take up a lot of space. No doubt about that. However, they also offer a lot of functionality thanks to that. 

The Thermaltake View 71 is a great example of that as it manages to look beautiful while still offering up to 10 drive slots! If that’s not enough, then consider getting a dedicated server room instead. 

The vertical GPU mount is a welcome addition. But, for a case of this size, we do kind off miss the superb cable management that its competitors offer. 

Don’t get us wrong. The cable management is still good. But, compared to the Lian Li O11, it’s a tiny bit underwhelming. 

Other than that, though, it’s absolutely superb. There’s plenty of support for all motherboards, CPU coolers, radiators, GPUs, drives, everything. 


  • E-ATX support
  • 360mm radiator clearance in the top, right, and front
  • Supports the bulkiest GPUs and CPU coolers
  • More drive slots than you’ll ever need
  • Vertical GPU mount


  • Large
  • Mediocre cable management compared to its competitors

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Tempered Glass PC Case

Buying a tempered glass PC case means that you’re exposing the whole build for yourself and everyone else to see. That’s why there are some special things that you must pay attention to: 

  1. Glass quality: You don’t want a case that will end up shattering easily. It’s ugly, costly, and in some cases, no pun intended, even harmful. Amazon reviews are your best bet. 
  2. Cable management: If the computer is going to be exposed, then you want it to be beautiful – and nobody likes the view of messy cables. 
  3. Vertical GPU mount: Definitely not a requirement, but as far as beauty is concerned, it’s a nice thing to have. 
  4. Upgradeability: That’s something that applies to all cases. A brand-new case should be able to hold many upgrades for years to come. 
  5. Radiator support: Those with tempered glass cases will usually prefer water cooling as it generally looks better than a super bulky CPU cooler. So, make sure that you can mount the radiator in a way that fits you. 
  6. Drive bay positioning: Again, most components will be visible. Pay attention to the design of the drive bays and where they are positioned. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If you are still not sure what option fits you best, here’s what each one of them does best in a nutshell: 

  1. dark Flash Phantom: Offers a full RGB fan setup out of the box
  2. NZXT H500i: Traditional case design, very well balanced, and doesn’t ask for a lot of money
  3. Lian Li O11: Delivers a ton of options on how to manage your build with superb cable management
  4. Corsair Crystal 680X: Very quiet while offering superb airflow and great cable management
  5. Thermaltake View 71: As a full tower, it delivers plenty of support for storage while still being a very beautiful case