Full tower PC cases are the go-to choice for enthusiasts or people who want to make monster builds. Workstations, NAS setups, gaming systems, anything goes with a full tower. 

The only problem is that the more features that a case can potentially offer, the more research that buyers need to make in order to find the best choice for them. And that’s especially true with full tower cases. After all, they are the second most powerful option after dual-system cases. 

That’s why we decided to share our experience with you! Here are our 5 best full tower PC cases in 2019!

1: Thermaltake View 71

Fully transparent with pre-installed RGB fans

The View 71 isn’t just big and powerful, but also very beautiful. With tempered glass all around it, you’ll be able to gracefully display your build in all of its glory. 

Of course, nobody wants to have messy cables sitting all around the case – especially on a transparent case. Thankfully, this case delivers great cable management and lots of room with modularity options to place your components in any way you see fit. 

Speaking of modularity and placement, those of you who truly love beautiful builds will be glad to know that you’ve got the option of placing a GPU vertically. 

That being said, full tower cases are more about options, storage, and upgradeability rather than beauty and the View 71 doesn’t miss any of the essentials.

We’re talking about 10 drive slots, E-ATX support, enough clearance to fit giant coolers and GPUs, water cooling support for radiators up to 360mm on the top, right, and front, and more!

Overall, this case offers everything that you may need and possibly even more than that. Some people may find the RGB fans and the transparent design to be a bit annoying. But, hey, it’s a matter of personal preference. 


  • Plenty of clearance for large GPUs and CPU coolers
  • Water cooling support in 3 different places
  • 10 drive slots
  • RGB and the full tempered glass design (If you are into that)
  • Vertical GPU mount is a great option


  • Hard to keep clean as it’s literally covered in glass
  • Lack of 5.25-inch mounts may be an issue for some (Though, most people have already forgotten about optical drives)

2: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe

Best full tower PC case for clean builds

All the room that full towers offer can be the greatest gift or a terrible curse. After all, imagine having a bunch of drives in display for you and everyone to see. They are not exactly the most beautiful component. 

Phanteks took that into account and created the Enthoo Luxe – a full tower that allows you to create something powerful that also looks very clean. We’re not just talking about the PSU, but also all of the drives. 

Even the fans are mostly hidden – which can also be a downside; depending on who you ask. But, that’s not to say that RGB is not supported. In fact, the case comes with ambient lighting pre-installed and 10 color options. 

The sleek design that hides numerous parts makes for a great sleeper build as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. And that’s while still offering room for 8 drive slots, 3x 5.25 bays, 8 fans, radiator support in 3 different places (not counting the 120mm one), and plenty of space for CPU coolers and graphics cards. 

Overall, the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe is a great choice for those who want a clean and classy build that’s also extremely powerful under the hood. 


  • Can be used for both fancy and sleeper builds
  • 5.25 bays are a nice addition for those who want it
  • Offers water cooling support in 3 different places
  • Can hold up to 8 fans
  • Up to 480mm of clearance for radiators
  • Supports both E-ATX and SSI EEB
  • Vertical GPU support 


  • Front panel looks a little bit boring

3: Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

A unique look on an ultra tower form factor

Let’s start off by saying that this is by far the most expensive case in this list. Also the biggest and heaviest. 52 pounds, to be precise. 

Does that mean that it’s the ultimate choice, though? Well, if you think that the unique design and the extra solid build quality are worth the extra money, sure. 

As far as features are concerned, the Cosmos C700M mainly competes with our other options. 

There is enough room for 9 fans, radiator support up to 240mm in 3 difference places (Not counting the 140mm one), more than enough room for bulky GPUs and CPU coolers, 8 drive slots, 1x 5.25 bay, and of course, E-ATX support. 

Despite its massive size and weight, the Cosmos C700M doesn’t seem to support SSI EEB. Most people aren’t going to find that a deal-breaker. But, at this size, one would expect to find everything he’ll ever need. 


  • Unique design with curved tempered glass
  • Great build quality
  • Very useful handles
  • Great modularity
  • Integrated fan controller
  • Plenty of options for vertical GPU mounting


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy

4: be quiet Dark Base Pro 900

Best full tower PC case for keeping things quiet

Powerful builds are not just larger than their weaker siblings, but also louder. That’s why be quiet made the Dark Base Pro 900 in order to, well, be quiet. 

Thanks to sound dampening materials and 3 build-in PWM fans that are specifically made for silent running, this case may not be the quietest one on the market, but it’s most likely the quietest one on this list!

Let’s not forget that this is a full tower case, though. It’s not like silence is all it has to offer. In fact, it competes head to head with our other options. 

There is enough room for E-ATX motherboards, 8 drives, 10 fans, 2x 5.25 bays, 2 mounting points for radiators up to 420mm (Not counting the 140mm one on the back), pre-installed RGB, a fan controller, and enough room to fit any GPU or cooler!

Overall, if you need something that’s both powerful and quiet, this is your go-to choice. If there’s one complaint from us, then that’s going to be about the annoying PSU shroud design. 

Let’s just say that not all power supplies will manage to fit in. So, make a quick Google search before buying it. 


  • Silent
  • Plenty of room for everything
  • Support for 420mm radiators
  • Fan controller
  • Integrated fan controller


  • PSU shroud design can be annoying
  • No vertical GPU support? 

5: EVGA DG-85

Best airflow control

As you most likely already noticed, most of our options offer integrated fan controllers that allow you to switch between various speed modes. However, the EVGA DG-85 truly takes that one step further. 

Outside of the PSU shroud, there is a built-in fan controller that allows you to independently control intake and outtake fans along with a temperature sensor right next to it. That’s a great addition that we’d like to see in more cases. 

Speaking of airflow, the DG-85 comes with huge vents on the front and while they may not look so cool in the eyes of some people, they are definitely useful for keeping things cool. 

Just like our other picks, the DG-85 has plenty of room for CPU coolers, radiators, GPUs, 12 drives, 8 fans, and more. 

Overall, this is a great choice for enthusiasts who are worried about airflow and are looking for the best balance between noise, performance, and cooling!


  • Lots of airflow options
  • Great cooling
  • Integrated fan controller
  • Support for dual radiators up to 420mm
  • Plenty of room for everything


  • No vertical GPU support? 

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Full Tower PC Case

Depending on the kind of case that you need to buy, there are certain things to look out for. Tempered glass cases need to be beautiful and endurable, Mini-ITX cases need to be able to host at least a certain level of upgradeability, etc. 

As for full tower cases, here is what you need to look out for: 

  1. Upgradeability: One of the biggest advantages that full tower cases offer is that they give us the option of installing anything we want without having to worry about size restrictions. Buying something so big that can’t handle your hardware would be a huge waste of money. 
  2. Drive slots: Another huge advantage of big cases. Take it. 
  3. Modularity: A big case that does not allow for customization is a waste of money in our book. 
  4. Cooling: Most cases deliver support for at least 7 fans. Settling for less with something that big would be a shame. 
  5. Integrated fan controller: When having to install more than 5 fans, it can come in handy. 
  6. Room for components: A big case that can’t fit bulky coolers and GPUs is nothing but a joke. 
  7. 5.25 bays: A nice addition for those who want to add additional fan controllers or optical drives

Wrapping Up

Went through our list and still can’t pick something to take home? Here is what each case is best for in a nutshell: 

  1. Thermaltake View 71: Fully transparent and offers RGB fans out of the box
  2. Phanteks Enthoo Luxe: Sleek design which allows you to make it look anything from a sleeper build to a high-end fancy monster. Also one of the rare options that support SSI EEB motherboards. 
  3. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M: Solid build quality and slightly bigger than most options
  4. be quiet Dark Base Pro 900: Focused on keeping things silent
  5. EVGA DG-85: Offers great airflow and fan control 

The main reason that our highlights mostly focus on aesthetics is that all of our picks offer the must-have features anyway. So, do keep that in mind.